The 5C Approach

Most financial advisory firms are named after their original owners or the parent company that owns them.  We named our firm after the five central processes we seek to deliver to our clients:


The investment community is often plagued by extreme focus on fear and greed.  Remaining clear-headed and objective by incorporating independent fundamental analysis enables us to provide a full spectrum of unbiased solutions.  We plan for a range of potential scenarios; develop structured, flexible strategy and act timely.


Every client has a unique set of circumstances and goals.  Our experience and common sense approach results in solutions that are customized for each client’s circumstance.


Keeping our clients informed and knowledgeable is a core commitment for 5C Capital Management.  We listen attentively, share ideas clearly, operate transparently and maintain connectivity.


Key to a strong client-advisor relationship is the willingness to work together.  We seek to collaborate with you and other professionals that comprise your advisory team, in order to ensure that your concerns are addressed as they arise and your strategy adapts to changes in circumstance warranting such adjustment.


This cornerstone of our approach has a dual meaning.  It refers to 5C Capital Management’s access to and use of a wide community of tax experts, attorneys, business consultants, and other specialists to consolidate their expertise within your financial plan.  We also seek to understand many of our clients’ special commitments to community through philanthropy and support of cultural and educational initiatives and institutions.