5C Capital Management staunchly maintains its independence and is not affiliated with any mutual fund family or similar investment pool; we are not required to commit client capital to any specific strategy or product.  Therefore, we are free to choose from a broad array of money managers and asset classes to implement strategy, while limiting transaction expenses and management fees.  Scroll down for a glimpse of specific services we offer:


Our portfolio structure is based on a blended analysis of macroeconomic fundamentals, performance, risk adjusted performance, asset class correlation and cost.  We continuously monitor these data points, making adjustments to representation within a specific asset class or the asset classes themselves.

Investment capital is allocated pursuant to the guidelines established in your financial plan.  We utilize a mix of institutional mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual equity/fixed income securities and short-term cash management instruments.

We believe strongly in the efficiency of free markets.  Although security prices often fluctuate dramatically, many studies support the conclusion that it is extremely difficult to consistently “out-think” investment markets.  Active management must be supported by investment returns, justifying the higher expenses that generally accompany these vehicles.  Where active management has not demonstrated statistically significant excess performance over relevant indices, we believe the most reasonable course of action is to utilize diversified, low-cost passive investments.

5C Capital Management maintains custodial relationships with nationally recognized, fully-insured financial institutions.  In addition to the individualized reporting we create for each of our clients, you will also received monthly statements directly from the custodian.  Further, you always have password-protected access to your capital and account information separate from our electronic link to the institution.


As your income grows, tax compliance tends to become more complex and imposing.  5C Capital Management seeks to work with your accountant, attorney and other service providers to lower your tax bracket through techniques that include:

  • Tax advantaged investments
  • Capital gains management and tax loss harvesting
  • Deferral techniques and Defective Trusts
  • Family entity discounting
  • Tax advantaged primary state residency
  • Tax advantaged retirement structures
  • Options planning and timing of execution


Many of our clients look forward to pursuing passions often short-changed during their working years.  We guide you through investment and planning decisions designed to support an active retirement, while preparing you for life style adjustments as they arise.

We develop long-term budgeting strategies, project fixed and discretionary expenses and evaluate the timed use of available funding sources (e.g. IRA, SEP, Social Security, non-retirement portfolio).  Since significant planning takes place long before retirement, we devise and implement solutions directed toward maximizing contributions to tax deferred accounts and relevant business deductions; key elements in accumulating a solid base of retirement assets.


If you have devoted years of hard work building a successful business, you want to be confident that financial and procedural matters will be handled correctly.  Whether your successor is chosen from current employees/partners or via new relationships, the transition to new leadership often requires financial guidance, transaction analysis for assets to be monetized and the resolution of family or co-ownership issues.

We will help you devise a financial blueprint that meets your transition goals, provide counsel regarding the determination of ownership, management’s participation and devise enterprise value.  Further, we seek tax-efficient solutions to these transitions.


When supporting causes and institutions that meet your charitable goals, it is important to consider various donation strategies and how they may maximize benefits for you and the recipient entity.  Charitable giving spans a wide range of trust, foundation, public and private strategies that we will review and implement with you.


Life is not linear.  A solid financial plan addressing nuanced situations such as personal and medical emergencies, lifelong health conditions, disability, divorce and other stressful situations is a valuable asset.  We prepare and help our clients manage these situations through innovative and proactive solutions; the key is taking time to listen to and evaluate your situation, regardless of complexity.


When significant relationships change, or control shifts due to the passing of a family member, transitioning responsibility for financial matters and security often proves to be a complex, problematic challenge.

5C Capital Management will guide you through the difficult procedural and administrative processes that confront those tasked with respecting directives relating to asset ownership and their distribution.  We seek to accomplish this while minimizing taxes, legal fees and related expenses.

Such issues include:

  • Coordination of the succession process with responsible parties (e.g. executors, trustees, guardians, attorneys, CPAs etc.)
  • Obtaining succession documents and account ownership
  • Establishing new ownership of assets
  • Managing federal and state estate and income tax
  • Identifying embedded tax liabilities in retirement assets
  • Scheduling and applying wealth transfer discounting techniques
  • Managing annual gifting


Recent studies by The College Board confirm rapidly rising expenses for secondary education, often exceeding $60,000 annually; with expected increases well in excess of inflation.  A commitment of that size requires knowing when to begin investing, the proper vehicles to use, and effectively balancing those options – such as 529 plan, loans or family entity.  We help you weigh the benefits of private versus public education, scholarships, student loans, and how the accumulation of large amounts of debt might affect the student’s professional and financial future.


We all experience change; marriage, divorce, elevated health care requirements, sale of a home, new venture or welcoming a new generation.  High levels of financial and emotional tension often accompany both positive events and professional setbacks.

We work closely with you to understand your particular circumstance; conduct a disciplined, comprehensive, analytical review and provide financially sound solutions.

The 5C/Client relationship is built upon communication designed to continually assess your financial state and provide a high level of confidence that your plan remains on track with your goals.  We frequently engage our clients and adjust their plan in accordance with lifestyle changes and significant events.